Bloody Well Write



Ads. Brochures. Direct mailers. Newsletters. E-newsletters. Web sites. Web banners. Blogs. Radio. TV. Video. Invitations. Holiday cards. Shake cartons. Magnets.

Effective, fun, award-winning stuff, that list. So bring it.

  • $75 per hour
  • Contact me for a per-project quote

Editing and proofreading

You name it, I’ve edited it. The AP Stylebook is my modus operandi, although I am familiar with MLA and AMA styles, as well. 

  • $60 per hour or $10 per page
    (250-word average, 12-point font, double-spaced)

Yoga and Pilates matwork

Yoga and Pilates on a grammar site? You bet. A copywriter should be as flexible as a yogi, and an editor as detail-oriented as a student of Pilates.

What to wear for class: You should be comfortable and ready to move. A T-shirt or exercise top plus sweatpants or yoga pants allow freedom of movement. Shoes and socks will be removed during class. Bring a small towel and bottle of water. Do not eat immediately prior to class; something small (e.g., apple, granola bar) two hours before class should be sufficient.

  • $30 per hour (individual instruction)
  • $20 per hour (two or more clients)

Instruction for yoga and Pilates takes place in Wichita, Kan. Contact me to set an appointment.

Contact information

Phone: 316.303.4303


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